Monday, 19 April 2010

Water Source 3 and 4 - Cot Valley

The first of these gave me a very sad feeling, I had visited this well, often, when taking walks on hot days and in need of refreshment would drink from a very 'slim' flow. The main attraction, in the heart of summer, was the fact that the water had a flavour of mint - the point where the water emerged was surrounded by mint plants and it seemed to make the water all the more refreshing.

I am saddened because when I visited the well site [on 18 Apr 10], the actual water flow had been stopped and a new pipe laid at ground level taking the water somewhere else...probably into a private garden for the exclusive use of the owner.

Although I did take a couple of photographs of the well shelter, I do not feel justified in posting them here - if the water cannot be seen or sampled, I do not feel that there is any point. If at some time in the future the water is returned to public use I shall reassess this and post a new segment to reflect the information.

The second site is much better, though I would hesitate to actually drink any of the water from this well despite the fact that it was one of the prime sourses of supply for the houses in this area.

The well is accessable from a lane using a pair of thick wooden planks over a fast running stream, the planks can be somewhat slippery when wet and can give a sensation of insecurity, especally when there is no hand-rail of any kind.

I also suspect that this is a Holy Well, or at least a Healing Well, though I am having some difficulty in finding any reference to it in any of the traditional texts, or even the relatively modern ones, to substantiate my thoughts. At this point I have to state that these are only my thoughts but the structure of the 'house' is similar to some of the other ones I have seen. The size of the structure would make it difficult for a modern human to enter; the entrance is approximately one metre from ground to internal roof stones and only a little more to the steps and surface of the water.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Water source 2

This is the second in an open-ended series of posts showing sites where drinking water is available in my area.

Sadly, this well is not 'public' and I have never seen the well open or in use but, as can be seen, the structure and well-cover are properly maintained and it is clear that someone is using it.

It is the only source of water that I have not sampled personally - one day, perhaps.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Water source

After tweeting with a couple of friends on Twitter I felt that it would be a good idea to show where I get my drinking water from. Just twelve minutes walking round-trip brings the loveliest water I have tasted and even the people who test the water to check for impurities say that it is good.

Tregeseal River

2010_0106_Water-source_06Jan_0001Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

2010_0106_Water-source_06Jan_0004Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

2010_0106_Water-source_06Jan_0002Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

2010_0106_Water-source_06Jan_0005Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

Top - the view looking upstream from the wooden footbridge at the end of the footpath leading to my home.

Second - view looking downstream from the road bridge above the water supply.

Third - looking across the river.

Bottom - the lovely water, tastes great as is or stored in the refrigerator and served chilled. This latter option is the one we choose

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Sunday, 27 December 2009

A few pictures from today's walk

I was invited to go on a walk because it was a beautiful day - mostly blue sky and a warm sun but there was a fairly strong breeze - and I felt that a bit of exercise would be good.

On the road to the cliffs there was an unexpected perfume, I could smell Sweet Violets - looking around the hedge I saw...

Sweet Violet - 27Dec09Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

A bit further along the path I looked over toward the sea and was rewarded with this view.

Tregeseal Valley - 27Dec09Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

One of the engine houses overlooking Porth Ledden - I have never photographed it from this direction before, it makes a fairly dramatic image, especially if in mist.

Engine House - Kenidjack Cliffs - 27Dec09Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

Just a few of the images from the walk - hoping to put more pictures in Explorer soon.

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Photographs - Rain on the window

Just testing the photograph options here with a couple of shots I took while it was raining...I had intended to go out but was glad I didn't.

Rain-on-window-01Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

Rain-on-window-02Image by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

I think these work rather well and I will be showing more before too long.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Now up-to-date with this blog

This is just a short posting to mark the point when new information and events in my spiritual life are about to be up-loaded, this blog has been a little while in formation but I hope that it will be updated more regularly and frequently than the Dancer blog.

The postings should be more varied and contain quite a few things and events that Dancer really did not cover - even though it should have done.

Come into my world...

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